Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Goodies in the Mail!

I just love getting goodies in the mail. It is so nice to go to the mailbox and get something besides BILLS! Well I just had to share with you what I received today! I won this also in the OWOH giveaway. Its Applejack and Peel tarts and Prairie Prim Soap Balls Oh! what a heavenly scent. Thanks so much Deb! You can go to her shop at and look or buy yourself some of these lovelies. Also if you haven't been to visit her blog run by there also its
she always has great interesting post.
I went to visit my grandmother today for all of you who have been here a while know shes in the nursing home since she had a stroke. Well she seems to have good days and bad days but her mind is ok although she gets very confused. She really misses being at home with her family. Its always so good to see her sweet face, she has always been so loving.
Don't really have to much going on this weekend, hope each of you are having a great Saturday. Blessings, Karen


Beverly said...

You have definitely had a stroke of luck the Queen of Hearts that you won....and wonderful goodies in the mail. Happy Saturday to you!

Toni said...

Love your little goodies Karen!Thanks for sharing them.I`ll be going over to check out her shop soon!
Glad toi hear your grandma is doing okay. I`ll keep you guys in prayer.
Take care.
Love and blessings,

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara said...

I just deleted my last comment...I didn't say it just right. Anyway, you are a very lucky lady! How do you do it?

My blog Giveaway is only a few days away. I'm so excited about seeing who wins. Good luck!

Picket said...

Morning look at you with those great give aways! I love getting surprises in the mail!

I hope your grandmother grows stronger with each passing day and that her good days farrrrr outweigh her bad ones...take care and have a great week!

Picket said...

Me again girl...that is so sweet of you to offer me the plates..yes it is the Golden Wheat design...they use to put them in the Duz detergent years ago and my aunt collected them! Funny how little things can bring back such great memories....I would be honored to have them girl..I'll e-mail you my address...thank you so much!!!!

Picket said...

It's me for the third time! lol I tried to e-mail you but I don't know the answers to the in server and out server questions it ask! lol lol Sorry...just e-mail me

naomisnotions said...

Hey Karen, I would be happy to send the chick first class! :) I'm trying to think what I have to send her in...?

I'll go put that option in on her listing.





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