Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homemade or Store bought?

I have been thinking about all this talk of homemade verses store bought and was wondering do you like handmade or are you one that likes store bought? I like homemade but I do know some people who don't have time to make things and do the store bought thing which is ok too. I used to get so upset because my granny would give me money every year instead of buying a gift I felt like she just didn't want to take the time to pick out a perfect gift. Now that I have grown up I realize that that was not it at all, it is just that she never really went anywhere that she didn't have to, she has always been content to stay at home. I also know that it should not have mattered what I got it was the thought that counted, but I have to admit I was a spoiled brat. Anyhow I just wanted to get your insights on the subject.

I am also sharing 2 sets of napkin ring pics and 2 pics of tea towels I have made. The tea towels are $7 each and the napkin rings set of 4 is $8 and the 6 is $10. Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments. I am going to try to set me up an etsy but don't own a credit card so have to figure out how to set it up without one if possible. Any advice is appreciated. Have a great Thursday! Blessings, Karen


Patty H. said...

I like homemade. Well, I liek storebought too. I don' tcare as long as it's given from the heart, not just to be giving something.

Heather said...

I like both. It just depends on what it is. I used to make everything for my house- curtains, bedding, etc. but sometimes it is cheaper to buy the same thing from the store. As for gifting, I am happy either way and I love to give homemade gifts because the recipient always seems to appreciate it!
I am trying to set up an Etsy store right now too!! I don't have a credit card but it took our debit/check card so if you have one of those or can get one that will work. Let me know when you set up your store and I'll stop by!!
-Heather :)

ps You can have all the snow you want- but you better hurry-it's melting today!!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

If you have a Debit card that has the "visa or mastercard" emblem on it that will work -That is what I use on my Etsy and Paypal.

I love getting homemade -I LOVE your tea towels-I'm working on some stichery myself. I was at Marshalls last night and they had some Christmas tea towels...They made me think about you and your tea towels when I saw them.

Sometimes people give cash because they want the kids to be happy and to be able to go out and get what they want..My kids love cash AND gifts! :)



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