Friday, August 29, 2008

Time passes

Good Friday morning everyone. Sorry I haven't been on in a few days. Things have really been busy here, getting ready to start school Tuesday and I am doing a craft fair in Oct. and have been really busy trying to get things made for that show. I want to thank Heather and Dena for the lovely awards. I just have not had time to get them up. I have my aunt Judy coming in this weekend and I think my mom and I are going to try to go do something while my aunt is here to go stay with my grandmother. My mom never gets to go do anything really because she goes to the nursing home to see my grandmother everyday. So I'm going to take her to Smileys in Macon Ga. which is a big flea market. We both love old stuff and flea markets are great places to find goodies. My boys even like alot of old things so I try to find things for Christmas gifts when I'm out and about without them which is rare.

I cant wait until next week. I made myself wait until the first of Sept. to decorate for fall. So next week I get to decorate. It will be so fun as this is my favorite time of year.

It is hard to believe that Labor Day is here so soon. Time sure does pass by so quickly the older I get. I remember when I was little I thought 1 day took forever. Now 1 week passes by and it seems like 1 hour. Do any of you ever feel like you just don't cherish the precious time we have? I feel like I just don't get those little memories or remembrances in with my kids and family like I use to. I have slowed down alot but it seems like I still don't get to do things with my kids or hubby like I would like to. Do any of you have any suggestions on how or what I can do to make some special memories. My oldest is 17 , the middle is 14 and the baby is 11 and I want to make the most of the time I have left with them as I can. The oldest is already planning to move out and get an apartment. So I may have waited to long. Anyways any suggestions would be appreciated.

I hope each of you have a special Labor day with your families. My hubby and oldest son are working this weekend. So I will enjoy the time with my mom and her sister.

Love you all! Blessings, Karen

P.s. The pics are of a few things I have made for the craft show. (napkin rings and embroidery table runner) will show more later.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Your crafts look wonderful! And I am so glad to hear that your husband is well! God is so good! Lori

Deb said...

Hi Karen, I was so glad you stopped by, I've been busy too. I've been cleaning out closets and the garage. I'll share before and afters sometime next week.

As long as we are *alive* it's never to late to make memories. My daughter and I share lots of memories once she moved out. We did a lot of things together I helped her decorate her apartment we went shopping together etc. I remember the times often. Deb :O)

Nancy Jo said...

You have been busy, I remember those days. Getting all the stuff for school. Next week you can play house. Take pictures so we can see your Fall decorating.

Linda said...

I know what you mean about time passing so much quicker now! Just 3 years ago when I quit working, I wondered how I would fill a day since the kids are grown. Now I got to bed each night with things left on my to do list! LOL

Have a great weekend. hugs, Linda

Veggie Mom said...

You are a Talented Gal! Thanks for sharing!!

Colleen said...

So glad you stopped by amid all of your busyness. I agree that time is going by faster every year!

We try to make the little things memorable -- strawberry picking, apple picking, baking in the kitchen, etc. Those are the moments I remember best from childhood and I'm finding that the kids are remembering these simple, familiar traditions as well. It doesn't have to be major to be special. It's the time that matters.

Have a good weekend!

Artfulife said...

So cute! You should use the same idea and make hair barrettes that would be so cute. (I thought they were hair barrettes until I read further). They are darling napkin rings and I think you will do well with your craft fair.

P.S. I just found a frame for your illustration. Will send you some sketches by next week.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Karen- Would you mind e-mailing me your address? I seem to have misplaced it. Sad to say, this is the story of my life.... Thanks! Lori

hobbygirl1991 said...

Oh, I feel that way all of the time, time won't slow down, we missed you at church, it was a long sermon though and both michael and I had to fight to stay awake, imagine what it will be like when he gets back from Israel, we may never get to go home, we will have to bring KFC and put it under our chairs!!! That would be to funny

Veggie Mom said...

Labor Day came and went, and now I'm back at school. It seems like only last week we were getting out for summer! Time flies, doesn't it?

i am very mary said...

You won goodies in the indiependence giveaway! Pop by the blog for more info!

Deb said...

Hi Karen, I know that you're extra busy I feel special that you found the time to stop by. :O)Deb

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Karen!
What wonderful goodies! Sounds like good news all around.
Been missing you, dear one



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