Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Lord Changes Hearts

Don't really know where to start here so I'm just going to go with it.

When I became a mom and housewife I wanted to be the best that I could be,

well that didn't last long because I hated doing my chores. I had done everything for my mom when I was a teenager and I felt like I had paid my dues so to say. I got where all I wanted to do was read a good book or just goof off all day. I sure didn't want to be washing clothes all day or doing dishes.

But I finally got it thru my thick head that God didn't intend on me to sit ideal and do nothing.

So I prayed that God would change my heart and give me the desire to do the things that I need to do to make a functioning family work. Well it has not been easy and there are still days I wake up and don't want to sweep the floor or cook. But things are alot better I never thought I would say this but I love to do my laundry (which I hated the most) I now have a clothes line and never use a dryer unless absolutely necessary. I love to get outside and hang clothes!!! I have a friend who gave be an even bigger reason to love hanging them now. Aunt Jenny over at Mary Jane's forum took my aunts clothes pin bag and embroidered it for me. Its so pretty! (thanks Jenny)

I like to clean and wash the dishes too so God can change a hard heart and make it workable. He has mine.

I'm still praying for the desire to cook, just cant seem to enjoy that yet but I will soon I have faith. I have enjoyed canning and freezing this year which was a first too. So see hes already working in that area.

I don't know if there are any of you who need a change of heart or a desire to do something that you don't enjoy, but if you do don't be afraid to ask God for a desire to do that ____.(you can fill in the blank) With Gods help we can move mountains so I know he can help us move a broom!
I don't know why I need to share this but the Lord laid it on my heart so there it is.Hope everyone will have a blessed day. Love you all!


Kay Martin said...

This is from a rural GA girl that ended up in the city in SC. After reading this post I'm wondering if we have some environmental deficiency in our GA red clay. I'm older but I'm still praying for the housekeeping anointing.

Be at peace...He will answer us to the level that suits Him. Delight in this day!!!

Shelley Detton said...

I guess there's hope for me yet! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to pray that I'll enjoy laundry and scrubbing the showers/tubs, since those are my least favorite things to do. It would truly be a miracle if I grew to love doing housework! :-)

hobbygirl1991 said...

Well my favorite chore is cleaning the oven, no really I mean it! I always have loved it...hmmm? We do love our clothes line, as a matter of fact Michael just hung our second line yesterday! I can help you with the cooking delima if you like. Well gotta go, I am trying to get over and look at the homeschool stuff with you! Thanks

PineyWoodsPrims~Dena said...

I really needed that message. Thank you so much!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I was born with an innate desire to clean. I think I need to pray that the Lord will help me to stop once in a while. Praise the Lord that He helps us find the balance we all so desperately need.

Love that embroidered bag. That will make hanging laundry even more pleasant.


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

K ~ those with rebellious and lazy hearts are legion. I am raising my hand with all meekness.
Whenever I clean "right" I am so proud of myself and so is hubs. LOL. I swept, dusted and mopped yesterday. Hubs had to make sure he was in the right house!
Now, I have always thought that my housekeeping cleaning was on the same level as my spiritual house - if my spiritual house was kind of sloppy, it would reflect in my house. Oops.

Linda said...

I was so very blessed with the desire to make a good home for my family and any job I have had outside the home has involved caring for people. Even now, with just hubby and I at home, my volunteer work is for an ageny that helps sick people and my crafts are all aimed at making our home a nicer place to be. Not that I always enjoy the chores either, but I see the end results and it keeps me pushing forward! It really helps to have DH who appreciates it and tells me so as well.

What a splendid way to add even more beauty to your laundry chores. I pray the desire for the other ones gets stronger in time as well.

Katy said...

Good for you for working on that! :) I love to hang clothes out too!!! Your clothespin bag is adorable!!! :)

Veggie Mom said...

Oh, gosh. I've got a truckload of relatives coming in tomorrow, and soooooooo much to do to get ready! Maybe I should say my prayers now instead of this evening? BTW, thanks for dropping in and entering the Great Pop'rs Giveaway. Uncle Lynn is guesting today, so hope to see you soon!

Helen said...

Hello karen,Thanks for visiting me today, I love your blog & how true how we should turn our gruges inot desires,it's makes such a difference when we let God teach us how to turn our house into a home

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I think, too, there are so many things that pull us AWAY from household chores today. It's not like it used to be. Us women all have cars at our fingertips now to go when we want, we have TV's with every channel under the sun to watch, magazines galore to browse and dream through, phones that now give us access to the whole world at a much cheaper price than years ago when a long distance phone call was saved for special holidays. It all eats away at our time and let's face it, much more enjoyable than "household" stuff.

After the prayer for a changed heart, perhaps some added incentives would help here. Get that camera out and keep it with you. There is nothing more satisfying than before and after pictures. Maybe some you could share here as encouragements to others.

Even with the dreaded cooking stuff. Make it more exciting by documenting your new dishes by taking pictures of the steps taken in making the dish, and use some creativity in it's presentation. Set a pretty table with candles, tablecloth, etc. It will appeal so much to a woman's eye and taste.

I'm saying all these things because I'm in the same boat as you. I'm going to work along with you on this and see if I can't change my heart, too, and make a difference in my home!


Elise said...

Love this post!! So timely...
Found you through MG&MF.

Toni said...

Hi!I found you through The Country Blossom,and when I saw this post I just had to comment!!You are so right about God changing hearts and putting in us desires to do the things he`s called us to do!!I could write a book on how God has changed my heart over the past 3 years.Thanks for posting about this!!It really encouraged my heart!!Blessings!!



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