Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Good morning! Boy it feels so nice and cool this morning. Unlike last night when I couldn't get my eyes to close, so as I was laying in bed and was thinking about all the friends I have been blessed with, and was thinking about something good each one does for me. So i wanted to share a little bit of that list with you.
My friends encourage me, make me smile, are honest, pick me up when I fall down, love to laugh, don't care if I have on makeup, listens when I need to talk, gives me advice when needed, cares about how I feel. I could go on and on but I will stop. But that gives you an idea, I love all my friends dearly and yet none of them are perfect and I know sometimes I have been let down by them, maybe they didn't invite me to go shopping or maybe got mad and said something hurtful to me.(Ive probably done the same to them) My point is,is none is perfect, but I do have one friend who has never let me down and that is Jesus Christ. He is forever watching out for me! Its sad that as much as he has done for me and has never hurt me or let me down he has at times been at the bottom of my friend list. Where is Christ on your list? If he's not first he needs to be! As I was lying there last night I thought gee, do I spend time with Christ like I do my friends? To answer that honestly, I have to say no. So starting today I am making it a point to spent time with my best friend and let him know how much I love him and appreciate all he has done for me not just today but each and everyday. My friends I'm sure will be the first to agree that this a good choice and they are not offended at all, if not are they truly a friend? Well just a thought I wanted to share with you all, I hope you week is blessed and full of friends! Blessings


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I often think about everything Jesus has done for me... I never feel like I do enough for him... I don't want to leave this world without doing more and spending more time with him...Because in the end, he is what matters.

Take Care,


Debra said...

What an inspirational post!
I have been blessed by the Lord too and I also need to do more to serve Him.

sunnyday's said...

crazy computer won't lit me leave a comment.

sunnyday's said...

I'm not sure how that comment got posted but Yeah!! it did. I wrote the first few times that I have read your site a few times. I enjoyed all of your writings. I was thinking I should just drop my site as like you I don't post that often but I enjoy posting when I have the time and your comment made my decision easier. I will post when posialbe.



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